Take care of the skin by reducing the impact on the planet

At SVR, we are aware that as manufacturers, we have a heavy responsibility towards our consumers and the planet: to succeed in continuing our activity while limiting our impact as much as possible. Innovating for human health, but also innovating to preserve the planet and its resources , is a very powerful leitmotif at SVR. This is why, for years, we have put CSR issues at the center of both our strategic and operational decisions, and we are committed to being more responsible through comprehensive initiatives. The road is still long but the challenge drives us every day.

A more responsible design

SVR teams are trained to design efficient, safe and respectful products.
of our commitments:

At the sourcing level with the choice of raw materials and responsible ingredients, recyclable and recycled materials, reducing the weight of the packs. But also during formulation, by reducing the number of ingredients as much as possible and taking into account our energy consumption in the manufacturing processes.

For the selection of our packaging, we use a tool to assess the environmental impact of our packaging, SPICE , developed by and for the cosmetics industry and supervised by Quantis, a firm of experts in Life Cycle Analysis.

Thanks to the Ecovadis platform, we have developed a responsible purchasing strategy for our raw materials and packaging.

We have defined a strict formulation charter with dermatologists, allergists and toxicologists. Each material used in the composition of a product is scrutinized to validate its safety at the concentration used and to certify that the product presents no danger. Our commitment for more than 5 years to endocrine disruptors allows us to refine this selection and create formulas guaranteed to have no harmful effects on the main endocrine mechanisms. Thousands of materials observed, hundreds blacklisted for a few chosen. Beyond human health, this charter also includes criteria for respect for the marine and terrestrial environment, and in particular biodegradability.

A board of scientific experts , dermatologists and allergists, supports us in the creation of new products, the performance of tests and clinical studies. A dedicated team with expertise in endocrine disruption helps us define our formulation charters and validate our test protocols.
Finally, working with patient associations (French Eczema Association, France Psoriasis Association, Belle et Bien Association) allows us to better manage skin pathologies and meet the expectations of the people concerned.

And concretely, what do eco-designed products mean?

A reduction in plastic with:

🫗Our refillable bottles and eco-refills
Topialyse, with -71% reduction in plastic compared to a 1L bottle, and their variation on the majority of our daily hygiene treatments (micellar water, foaming facial gels)

🌊The bottle of Cleansing Oil
100% recycled PET collected by Waste Free Oceans

🧴The tube with eco-fusion capsule
Extra-flat, -51% plastic compared to a tube of similar format, tested on Topialyse cream and deployed in 2023/2024 on a large number of our tubes.

    ♻️ The integration of 25% recycled PET
    In all our bottles. But also, the reduction in plastic of the skirt of our tubes and the introduction of recycled PET.

    📦 FSC Cases and their adjusted format
    to reduce cardboard, the elimination of instructions and boxes on large formats.

    ⛲Bulk fountains
    Topialyse, Cleansing Gel and Cleansing Oil available in 27 points of sale in France

    ☀️ The SUN SECURE Solar Range
    tested biodegradable* and non-toxic for the environment**. All SVR rinsed products are also tested biodegradable.

    💧 The Hydraliane Range completely redesigned
    and its reduced plastic packs, usable until the last drop, 100% recyclable and its formula with 100% natural and eco-sourced ingredients.

    Our communications and promotional materials have also been challenged: POS displays optimized and produced entirely in cardboard for better recyclability. In terms of digital tools, we joined the Green IT Club in 2022 to benefit from their feedback and best practices.

    *According to European standard 301F, sun care products reach on average 60% biodegradability in 5 days. **Eco-toxicity tests of our products on algae (according to the NF EN ISO 10253 standard) and on aquatic invertebrates (according to the FD ISO 14669 standard): two essential organisms in the marine environment.

    Achieving 100% of our products eco-designed by 2025 is our goal!

    Never change a winning team !

    Working every day to reduce our impact cannot be improvised! Beyond a conviction, you also need training and knowing how to surround yourself with the right partners: To integrate more responsible practices into each profession, each employee is supported on a CSR journey which aims to reduce our negative impacts but also develop our positive impacts:

    Raising awareness , thanks to the deployment of the Climate Fresco to 100% of employees by 2023 (they were 42% at the end of 2022), relying on a network of specially trained facilitators and employees.

    Professional training: eco-design for packaging R&D, responsible purchasing for group purchasing teams, responsible communication for all content creators, communication of environmental product claims for marketing and regulatory affairs, responsible digital strategy for the IT team. The goal of these initiatives? Facilitate the emergence of impactful actions in all our activities.

    In 2022 we have:
    Carried out the energy audit of our R&D and production site and implemented an action plan to reduce energy consumption.

    In 2023 we have:
    Carried out a voluntary Greenhouse Gas assessment on 100% of SVR activities, including international subsidiaries. We have integrated the “3 scopes”, the most comprehensive method for measuring our contribution to global warming, as well as all greenhouse gases, not just CO2. We have also integrated the use phase of our products with our customers. We are working on multi-business workshops to take our approach further in order to define a reduction trajectory compatible with the Paris agreement.

    Every detail counts. There is still a way to go but we are moving forward step by step, with complete sincerity and transparency. Next step, embark with us on our adventure, with the promotion of more responsible consumption and more information to help you choose!

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